Mistress Texaz
Professional & Lifestyle Domina
Superior Female ~ Goddess ~ Sensual Sadist

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I’m glad you have taken the interest to learn more about Me. I first must warn you, I am not the typical whip-swinging Dominatrix. I am a lady of a higher caliber. I find no need to raise My voice in order to be heard. Nor does My choice of clothing ever suggest I need your attention. I receive both simply by entering the room. I am a very confident Woman and I know My place…above you. I enjoy the finer things in life and truly appreciate the presence of a gentleman. I like My doors to be opened for Me, to be addressed as Ma’am, and be approach with the utmost respect to name just a few. I sip My afternoon tea from the finest china and only allow superb individuals to share My time. I guess one could say I’m just a bit old-fashioned that way.

I’ve also learned to appreciate the Goddess I have within. It’s a very natural energy of My core nature. Even though being raised in a so-called male dominant society, I was enlightening to discover the natural dominance and supremacy of the female gender over the male gender. This revelation became the key to unlocking and understanding all submissive desires within men. It matters not how these desires are expressed through different fantasies. The root and the core of these are the same. Namely, the desire of the male gender is to be dominated and ruled by the female gender.

Men desire corporal punishment (being spanked or whipped by a woman), forced feminization (being emasculated by a woman), humiliation, strap-on play (being the oral receiver of a woman's rubber phallus), water sports (such as forced enemas or golden showers), and other D&S activities. Men want to worship the female by tending to her physical needs (body worship) and men want to be made into a domesticated servant to their wives. But the common thread to all these sexual and submissive desires is the longing for loving female authority.

So do realize when you seek My time you are asking to receive a gift from Me. Something I would truly use caution when requesting. I don’t appreciate nor tolerate time-wasters or ‘wankers’ as Us Ladies like to call you. You know who you are. I enjoy the presence of the grateful submissive whom knows and understands his place. I am open to the idea of and truly enjoy the training of a submissive man. One who is in search of greater fulfilling his role as a submissive. So in other words, please don’t ask Me to introduce you to the world of D/s. That is something you must do on your own. I’m available to the gentleman that is familiar with his level of submission and who is seeking a deeper understanding of it.

I hope you enjoy your visit and I do look forward to our time together.

Warmest regards,
Mistress Texaz