Mistress Texaz
Professional & Lifestyle Domina
Superior Female ~ Goddess ~ Sensual Sadist

A mere glance from Mistress Texaz is enough to emblazon the deepest passions that lie in the darkest recesses of your soul. She will draw your truest self from you with the slightest touch of a finger. Her sensuality, sexuality, elegance and grace will envelop you in a warm glow as she guides you along your path of discovery and growth. Feel comfort in knowing true acceptance when in her presence.

Be mindful of your place, however, or find yourself dancing along the edge of a razor that will cut swiftly, sharply and deeply. For as kind and generous as Mistress Texaz is, she will also be intolerant of disrespectful or willful people.

Know your place, and savor the attentions she will lavish on you. Submit to her will and know what it is to find true ecstasy.

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