Mistress Texaz
Professional & Lifestyle Domina
Superior Female ~ Goddess ~ Sensual Sadist

I enjoy the dynamics between a submissive man and Myself. I know that your craving to serve and please Me is within your core nature. And I am here to allow you to express this side of yourself in a safe and loving environment. Below you will find a few means I like to entertain while alluring your submissive side. (Please note, I will use the terms submissive, slave, and servant very loosely. I find that every man identifies personally to his appropriate role.)


Bondage and Immobilization

Binding and inhibiting movement is one of the ways you will experience My physical control. you will loose the option of movement. your body will become My playground. I will do to you as I will, and you will have no choice in the matter…at least on a
physical note.

Service and Protocol Training

This is an area for the slave who wants to learn the true meaning of servitude. I will teach you, on a more in depth level, to address Me, present yourself to Me, and to cater to My needs. I will personally mold you into the servant I’ve grown accustom to.

Medical Play
With many years of playing Doctor, this is one of My favorite areas of play. I enjoy expressing My sadistic desires at your cost. I am very qualified and skillfully trained so don’t be surprised if you find yourself immobilized and subjected to an uncomfortable and intrusive examination.

I love nothing more than to have a man across my lap smacking his ass and teaching him what his place is. Are you needing to sit across my lap and have me administer your punishment as I see fit?

I find I get the greatest response and immediate attention from a defiant submissive in this form. Tapping, slapping, and pinching truly display My authority of you. I relish in the thought of ball busting with My bare feet.

Chastity and Key Holding
This is a wonderful journey for the advanced servant. Once I accept you as My slave I will then lock up what is rightfully Mine. I’ve found that most men are quite greedy when it comes to pleasing themselves. A beautiful lock and key certainly deters one from the desire of fondling their pathetic cock.

Oh another pleasurable one for Me. I enjoy inviting My girlfriends over for tea while My slave serves Us in pretty panties, painted toes, and full sissy attire. I also enjoy the thought of My nervous slave during a meeting at work worrying that a co-worker might realize that his ankles are covered with the nylons that I’ve instructed him to wear. I will constantly remind you of your inferiority both physically and verbally and keep you in your place with My quick wit and sharp tongue.

The art of transformation. And who better do the job than a beautiful Women as Myself.  My talents go much further than simply applying a wig and a pair of nylons. I can turn you into the gurl you've always dreamed of!

Remote training
This is an option for the submissive that doesn’t live close, I am very creative and may utilize the option of web cams and pictures. Don’t underestimate My potential of completely humiliating you as the inferior gender you are.

Extreme Play

Don’t let My sweet side fool you. I get great pleasure articulating My more heavy sadistic side. I have no remorse or ill feelings when using My whips, paddles, and canes against your bare ass.

Extended ~ Multihour - Overnight Sessions
This is only an option for My fully trained servants. I know how you desire to be the best slave you can be and extended sessions give Me the opportunity to push you to your furthest levels.

Multi Domme Sessions
I have a wonderful group of sexy dynamic ladies friends both Dominate and submissive to allow you the opportunity to explore all your fantasies. Have you ever dreamed of being tied to a stunning female submissive while I tease and torment you?

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